Disaster: Piano store blows up in New York

Two buildings have collapsed in Harlem after a blast on Park Avenue at East 116th. Witnesses said the blaze began Wednesday morning in the Absolute Piano store. readers tell us Absolute Piano is one of the best keyboard centres in  the city.

We will update as further information comes in. Six are reported dead. A survivor’s tale here.



UPDATE: NY Times reports that two buildings – the piano store and a Spanish church – have collapsed.

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    • Other reports have indicated a large buildup of gas that was ignited and caused the explosion. I’m sure the FDNY and NYPD will do a thorough forensic investigation of the type never done at the WTC site. Query: did anyone install carbon monoxide detectors in those buildings in that deteriorated part of the city, and if they did, take the time to change the batteries, including in their hearing aids?

  • Not funny at all is the above mentioned cynical suggestion. It shows no compassion at all for all people involved in this tragic accident, be they victims or recuers.

    • Melisande- You are right. I was trying to point out a forensic issue, where building owners and managers cut corners. If my supposition is correct- i.e., that there may have been inadequate compliance with the building code- for example, with faulty carbon monoxide detectors (or perhaps none at all- that is, no detectors and no compliance), then the tragedy need not have occurred at all, and someone will have to bear the guilt and liability.

      • Ed – It wasn’t you I meant to criticize, but the next two remarks on this tragic accident. Their remarks say more about themselves and are written, at least to me, to show their vicious ‘humour’.

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