Breaking: La Scala appoints woman concertmaster

Breaking: La Scala appoints woman concertmaster


norman lebrecht

March 03, 2014

It’s… Laura Marzadori! And she’s just 25!

laura marzadori2


Laura studied in Bologna and Cremona, has worked up to now in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Sources close to the process say she will fill the role for a trial period, before a confirmatory vote is taken.


  • Brian says:

    Not to seem gratuitous, but I trust she’s better than her namesake, the Met Orchestra’s Principal Assistant concertmaster [redacted] Laura Hamilton.

  • Peter says:

    Is it just me, or do others find it ungainly to use “woman” as an adjective ? It is much better as a noun.

    Doubtless there are times when “woman” and “man” can be used a adjectives.

    But would not the word “Female” be more appropriate ?

    Just as “a male concertmaster” sounds better than ” a man concertmaster”.

    And congratulations to her, from all the man readers of this blog.

    • Eugene says:

      Yeah I just agree that it’s a strange way of using words, unless the intent was to sensationalise the sex of the musician. I find it depressing that females (or for that matter, anybody who is not male and white) winning an audition for a leading position in an orchestra still gets their “minority” status emphasised in headlines. I don’t suppose any articles here would ever be titled “Caucasian male appointed as leader of Orchestra X”.

  • Gianluca La Villa says:

    Honors to Laura Marzadori a very brilliant violinist pupil of Salvatore Accardo and the first performer in Italy of Wolf Ferrari Violin Concerto, Leone Sinigaglia Violin Concerto restatement after half a century from previous performances, and also of the 2 Josef Slavik Violin Concertos. It is the not first time that a she concertmaster has been appointed at Teatro alla Scala, before was Anahi Carfi. Elmira Darvarova on the contrary was the first she concertmaster at Metropolitan NY.

    Cheers to all!