And this nun can sing

The US classical charts have been dominated for a month by Decca’s Benedictines.

Now Sister Cristina Scuccia is storming The Voice of Italy game show.

Whatever happened to the virtues of solitude?


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  • I see no problem with this. We’ve already had the classic movie Sister Act starring the wonderful Whoopi Goldberg, and we respect Black Gospel music as both sincerely heartfelt and inspirational. Maybe outreach like that of Sister Scuccia in this role will help bring the Catholic Church to its senses on some of the many issues where it is so out of touch.

  • She has some lovely qualities to her voice. So whilst comments like “obviously not a member of a silent order” may be witty, I wish her every success.

    Like Derek, I agree that if this king of out reach can redress a few of the scandals that have rocked the RC church in recent years it will be a good thing.

    I get the feeling this is Sister Cristina being Sister Cristina and not the Church attempting to be “hip and trendy”.

    I do have issues with dumbing down for the sake of the youth market within the church as a whole (mainly as it does not work, and alienates other church goers) that is not to say all modern church music is rubbish. It is possible to compose a good worship song with integrity, and they have their place, but any-old-thing just because it is up-beat will not do.

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