A conductor gets his top off (in the interests of science)

In Munich, he’s now the poster boy for Cool Britannia. Maestro Daniel Harding, flying in for a Mahler 6th, agreed to take part in a BR project on cardio-vascular health. One of those before and after tests.

His heart rate is fine, we’re told. The physician, two days later, is still hyperventilating.


daniel harding topless


Photo: Peter Meisel

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  • Whatever one’s opinions on his conducting- you’ve got to admit, from the evidence of this photo, that he’s in pretty good shape for a near 40 year old.

    • I think we was expecting to be called for his position of dream. Manchester United center forward. I’m quite sure he is very disappointed and frustrated, but since it doesn’t happen now he can put on fat and be the MD in some good orchestra.

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