Will sacked Dorny bounce straight back to Lyon?

That’s the instant on dit in French media.

Apparently, the Opéra de Lyon has yet to draw up a shortlist to replace the outgoing Serge Dorny, sacked today before he started in Dresden.

The job’s his for the taking back.

It would be a serious career mistake, of course, if he did. But many are hoping he will. Not all of them sincerely.


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  • I read this today on the intermezzo website.

    ‘In a statement partially reproduced in Le Figaro, Dorny attributes the “distressing situation” to “a lack of transparency and accuracy in the information provided” prior to his appointment. “If I’d had a clear understanding of the nature and scope of the powers of everyone involved, I would have turned down the job,” he said.

    ‘He went on to explain that “despite repeated requests from the summer of 2013 on,” he only “discovered post-appointment, while preparing future seasons, that some powers essential to the proper execution of the position of Intendant … had been delegated to the Chief Conductor,” and therefore both had “identical powers in certain areas, which could lead to paralysis of action.”‘

    If, as seems is the case, Dorny signed a contract without being fully aware of his precise responsibilities vis-a-vis those of Thielemann, then more fool he! It is well known that Thielemann left Munich because he believed the Intendant had certain powers which Thielemann felt should be his. Surely Dorny must have realised that one of his reasons for going to Dresden was precisely because he was given these powers!

  • Serge Dorny was unfortunately hated by so so many in Lyon. He is a very nasty man, who enjoys plotting, scheming, undermining and ultimately creating a very bad atmosphere around him. Few, if any miss him and many must now be dreading the thought of his return, if that would happen. If it does, be sure that it wasn’t the musicians, nor the administration that welcomed him back, but instead the usual French political manipulations, completely detached from the real situation.

    • I wish the staff, musicians, choristers, and representatives would take this opportunity to inform the press of what’s been going on for so long in Lyon, now that they can be heard with more sympathetic ears….

  • I heard the same news “from inside”. Which would be appaling. Take back Dorny after he put his resignation, just to “save his neck” ???

    I just hope the staff and their representatives will take this opportunity of international scandal to open their mouth about the hell they have been living for 10 years. Not that they have not tried (strikes, petition signed by the vast majority of the staff adressed to the politics in 2006 (already !), etc…), but so far to no avail. The French media seem far more interested in admiring the “ambitious and balanced programming” of tDorny at he Lyon Opera (dismissing at the same time all the remarquable work initiated by a Brossmann some 20 years ago…) than denouncing the social and human cost of this “success”.

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