Where’s Minnesota’s concertmaster?

Where’s Minnesota’s concertmaster?


norman lebrecht

February 19, 2014

The Minnesota Orchestra has posted rehearsal video for its forthcoming concert with hot key rider Daniil Trofonov. Missing is concertmaster Erin Keefe. Why? Local suspicions suggest she may be in line for the NY Philharmonic vacancy.

Watch here.

The Orch has struggled to sell the first subscription concert, forced to bring forward the $25 “public rush” tickets three days in advance.


erin keefe


  • John Birge says:

    Erin played in Minneapolis last night with Accordo: http://schubert.org/concerts/accordo/. She played with MN Orch the past two weeks. The Philharmonic has been in Asia for the past two weeks. See Glenn Dicterow in the concertmaster seat in the online slide show: http://nyphil.org/whats-new/2014/February/alan-gilbert-gripping-seoul

  • NYMike says:

    Keefe is an artist member of Lincoln Center’s Chamber Music Society. She’ll be in NYC this weekend with them.


    And yes, she did two weeks earlier in the season with the NY Phil while MN was still locked out.

  • Sarah says:

    Oh please. Many of the musicians booked themselves for months out because they had no idea when or if the mn orchestra would start playing again. It’s a testament to their. R quality that they have so many gigs with major orchestras. That includes Erin. And many of the audience members also were “booked” – there is a lot going on here. We won’t even mention the weather.

  • About that $25 rush 3 days in advance, we’re about to get somewhere between 8 and 16 inches of snow in the general area. Winter has been unusually cold with above average snow, so people make plans carefully. This points to another gross management failure in handling the lockout situation. In Minnesota, you have to take weather into account, and getting people to buy February tickets when you put them on sale in January better involve ice sculptures, skating and a warm blend of liquor and coffee or cocoa. On the other hand, concerts with Vanska in March are already essentially sold out.

    • Pamela Brown says:

      It seems to me any concert of the MO with Mr. Vanska would be sold out here no matter what the weather. Last year, the pre-Grammy concert was on Feb. 1st and at the Convention Center, of all places, and it too sold out.

  • Malcolm James says:

    I imagine that a young concertmaster such as her would put herself forward for the NY post, lock-out or no lock-out.