The new Lang Lang Bugatti

You really wanted to see it, right? It goes on show later this month.

lang lang bugattiBugatti-Grand-Sport-Vitesse-Lang-Lang (1)

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    • get out with your poor opinion, all of you are so envious about LL’s success and you’re nothing to criticize him!!

      You’re only envious , repressed and discriminating people that want to know about music but do not actually know!! take care of your own life and try not to give an opinion which you should not because you don’t understand nothing!!!!

  • Good for him!

    When I was Lang Lang’s age, smart cars were as ‘important’ to me then, as 50mg ‘Atenolol’ tabs are now.

    In 46 years time (if he survives as long as me) he’ll think the same.

  • He does not know what to do with his self saturated, wannabe himself. Cannot sink deep into classical music, which is not really his genre; therefore he is copying other pianists, and finds his real satisfaction in his fashion company, cars, copying Western high class, that he wanted to be part of. A clown, as Horowitz said about him. A clown, a self saturated Western wannabe, a copier, poisoning our music culture.

  • To Prokofiev and hip hop video:

    Lang Lang can only sell his terribly deficient finger technique to hip hop/rock enthusiasts who do not have ear for judging high level classical music interpretation. His choice of performance, ever bragging, wannabe funny style is disgusting. He will never change, sameol’, sameol’ each and every time. Both, Prokofiev and Bartok would roll in their resting places when hearing him. He is a genuine poison for the high level Western music art, and for our young generation.

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