Professor plays border fence as a wall of sound

Professor plays border fence as a wall of sound


norman lebrecht

February 02, 2014

Glenn Weyant, a former professor of journalism, lives in Tucson, Arizona, and is fascinated by the nearby separation wall with Mexico. Using a cello bow, a mallet and some simple electronic equipment, he makes music out of the barrier.

“I’m a white male playing the border wall,” Weyant tells the LA Times. “I’m aware of my privileged status.”

Here’s how it sounds:


Must try it some day on the West Bank.


  • ed says:

    Very interesting symbolism- including the mask. (As for the music, after a few minutes I almost thought I heard Grantby or Dalby (from the Ipcress File) saying: ‘now listen, to me, listen to me….’) Anyway Frost was right, “good fences [and ‘good walls’] DON’T make good neighbors”. So, Mr. President, tear them down wherever they are.