New video: Pianist discovers worst UK hotel since Fawlty Towers

Valentina Lisitsa has been making her third album for Decca. It ivolved spending a night in Wales. In a hotel. At the weekend.

Not a good idea. Watch.

valentina lisitsa nyman


Val’s Decca catalogue now reads: Royal Albert Hall, Rachmaninov, Liszt, Michael Nyman.

Michael Nyman? He’s 70 next month. Next question.

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  • Michael Nyman’s music is wonderful. I know it has been the thing to sneer at “movie composers”, but I was lucky enough to play on the scoring sessions for “Gattaca” & that is still a beautiful musical memory of mine.

  • Happy 70th B’day to my friend, Michael Nyman! His fellow Brit, Keith Emerson, tags along behind him turning 70 next November! It’s a good year! A very happy birdthay to these wonderful composers–and good luck to Val!

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