New video: Famous pianist forced to her knees in search for suitable Steinway

Wherever Valentina Lisitsa goes, a video camera can’t be far behind. Her pursuit today of a concert grand at the Eindhoven Muziekgebouw in Holland involved contortions more painful and extreme than any you will see at the Olympics. Watch, especially after 2:00.


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  • Great vid. Great full squat through the entire exposition of Beethoven’s Pathetique. But surely the path she took to the piano could have been the piano’s own, simpler, and more capacious path out of the basement. Not even Steinways can leap ventilation ducts. The instrument is suspiciously in-tune for a basement-stored piano, indicating a recent tuning (perhaps specifically for the video).

    • This is a typical climate-controlled piano storage room under the stage: the simpler way is by using a piano lift which takes it right up to stage. But the stage side was blocked by another event props. The trapdoor was the only way to try the piano. Suspiciously in-tune? Or perhaps , the salaried piano technician doing his or her job well . Give a credit when it’s due 🙂

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