Netrebko’s Rome curtain rises ten minutes late

Netrebko’s Rome curtain rises ten minutes late


norman lebrecht

February 28, 2014

rome opera2There was tension up to the moment the overture began in Rome last night, after unions threatened to black out the opera and the mayor said he would shut it down for good. In the event, a strike was averted and Riccardo Muti conducted a triumphant Manon Lescaut. It went on until 11.35pm, triggering possible overtime payments.

First night report here (in Italian).

rome opera2


  • annalolli says:

    There is no ouverture in Manon Lescaut (as musical form, unless you mean the opening of the opera itself), and the overtime for theatre workers in Italy starts at 24.00, as most show starts at 20.30 or 21.00 here.

  • timwalton3 says:

    At least Netrebko turned up – for once

    She has just cancelled all her appearances in Faust – Covent Garden, Vienna & Baden-Baden! Barely a month before curtain up!

    She says the role does not suit her. Surely a professional singer would know that well before a month before curtain up.

    Total lack of manners to the opera houses concerned & to the public to leave it so late!