National Opera goes on strike over pensions

National Opera goes on strike over pensions


norman lebrecht

February 10, 2014

It’s Armenia.

A new pension law would leave artists much poorer, so theyve refused to rehearse or perform this week.

Tonight’s performance of the opera “Anoush” by A. Tigranian was cancelled with the audience already in the house.


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  • Mike Earles says:

    What would you expect from such a very, very corrupt place but one that produced many a fine musician, Kachaturian, Dolukhanova etc., trained in Russia, maybe but still Armenian.

  • R. James Tobin says:

    I was among many who showed up at the door of the Opera Bastille in Paris for a performance (after walking the last few blocks in the rain on account of a slow-down on the Metro) to find the doors locked and the performance cancelled on account of a strike in protest of a new national labor law, but actually turning an audience out of their seats strilkes me as just too much.

  • withheld says:


    Rehearsals of the Orchestra & Chorus are suspended. tomorrow morning the staff will meet again to make a decision about continuing the work.

  • withheld says:

    Update No. 2:

    Second Performance has been canceled due to Strike of the Artists. The Opera Traviata was planned for this evening which will not be performed.

    Apparently the next performance will be on February 20 (Nikolay Madoyan is going to play all Paganini 6 Concerti in one evening)