Just in: Man arrested over O’Hare airport instrument theft

Really good news. People who steal instruments get caught.

harry manx

Breaking News : Commander Thomas Argenbright of the Ohara Airport Police called Harry Manx at 5pm Monday in Montreal to let him know they have apprehended the suspect of the theft of Harrys’ Mohan Veena in Chicago. As of that time the whereabouts of the instrument were still unknown. Commander Argenbright commented that catching the suspect was a priority for them as the story had gained so much attention in Chicago. We will keep you posted of further developments.

Rani Souza

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  • Bravo Commander Argenbright! Congratulations Mr. Manx! See? Miracles do happen! What WONDERFUL NEWS I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Thank you Rani Souza for conveying the good news! Hooray!

  • Very happy Mr. Manx got his instrument back, presumably undamaged.

    However, the Chicago airport, last I looked, was “O’Hare”, not “Ohara”.

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