Huge weekly spike in US classical sales

After months in which the top classical record was barely sold 400 copies a week, those Decca nuns from Missouri have just gone through the convent roof.

Benedictines of Mary album Lent at Ephesus sold 8,160 copies last week, according to Nielsen Soundscan. The previous album Angels and Saints piggybacked at 1,670 copies.

Below that it was back to normal. Next best-selling albums were Simone Dinnerstein’s Bach (360) and Anne Akiko Meyers’ Vivaldi (345).


decca's nuns

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  • “Benedictines of Mary album Lent at Ephesus sold 8,160 copies last week”

    That is very close to the total numbers of sales of a live Mahler symphony (1st ??) released on DGG with the Berlin Philharmonic and Abbado, IIRC, back in the early 1990’s. People were (and still probably are) shocked when they realize that the total production costs were nowhere near being covered by the proceeds.

    Way to go, nuns! Use the power … 🙂

  • Saved by Nuns? They were in the top 200 album sales coming in at #49 these numbers??? Huh?? I guess these Nuns are single-handedly saving classical music; and making it relevant again.

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