Huge cash win for young string quartet

We hear (from a very happy boyfriend) that the Cologne-based Schumann Quartet – three German brothers and a gorgeous Estonian viola – have been awarded the  Jürgen Ponto-Stiftung music prize. It’s worth 60,000 Euros and plenty more in German media attention.

Well done, bros and beauty.



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    • Hear hear. Rhodes over-states his case, and makes tiresome generalisations using the words of those silly Russians, but these sorts of comments really really don’t help.

  • It seems to me that heterosexuality should not impare your judgement in respect of the male players’ pulchritude. No need to be embarrassed.

  • Is this blurb a joke?

    It would be marginally appropriate for a “boyfriend” to post such copy on a facebook page. Here, it’s obnoxious at best.

  • There was no intention to objectify any of the players; new apologise for any offence given to the guardians of correct expression. We have been assured that both player ans boyfriend are content with the piece as written. And the quartet truly are terrific.

  • Question: if my comment was so offensive, why did all the other commenters who agree with me have theirs published, and mine was blocked?

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