First pic from police HQ of Milwaukee’s recovered Strad

First pic from police HQ of Milwaukee’s recovered Strad


norman lebrecht

February 06, 2014

milwaukee strad2

Looking good.

Frank Almond has been informed of its recovery. He’s in Florida.

One of the suspects in the case has been named as Universal Knowledge Allah. The FBI traced the taser that shot Frank to Texas, where it was reportedly purchased by Allah.


  • PK Miller says:

    So glad they got the thieves & the Strad as well. Really bizarre… It sounded, as you said, Norman like a carefully planned heist–not a garden variety mugging. They knew what they were after, who owned it…. Crazy world we live in….

  • Alison says:

    When I was a child, children used to have their gloves secured by a length of tape which was threaded through the sleeves of their coat.

    I think owners of expensive fiddles should do the same.

    • sixtus says:

      Yeah, and tempt determined robbers to take even more drastic action than a taser, which itself could have been fatal. I’d rather have a lost (or — horrors — a destroyed) Strad than a dead fiddler. Violins of equal quality are being made all the time by modern luthiers for far less than a Strad.

    • Mare says:

      You did see that the musician was tasered? This was an armed robbery- a bit different from dropping a glove!

      And exactly how would you attach any tape, rope, or whatever to the violin itself- not the case but the violin? I suspect the actual owner of the $5 million Strad might have a thing or two to say about that.

  • Any mention about bows? I hope they too were retrieved in good shape, especially if they were discarded with the violin case.