Cutting edge: Kansas City is first to perform in Google Glass

Oh, Dorothy, take good care. Your orchestra is recording Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in the latest sense-surround technology.

Like? Not sure.


Google_Glass_7   Google_Glass_2

More here. Anyone in Kansas City want to tell us how it went?


UPDATE: Howls of protest from the prairies: This is the Kansas City Symphony, at the Kauffman Center, which is actually Missouri, rather than neighbouring Kansas, state of Oz.

Hope that’s clear.


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  • “The idea is that the symphony members would use the Google Glass to give the rest of the world a first-person point-of-view for how it feels to be, as the KC Symphony press release put it, “a world-class musician in one of the country’s top orchestras” ”

    Sounds great – but why then did they do this in Kansas City, with that orchestra? It’s neither “world class” nor “one of the country’s top orchestras”.

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