Aussie musician bursts taboo with breastfeeding song

Aussie musician bursts taboo with breastfeeding song


norman lebrecht

February 09, 2014

Folk singer Juliet Moody got fed up with frowns of disapproval when she fed her baby in public.

So she has lashed back with ‘Ruin Your Day (with tits)’. It’s going viral.



  • R. James Tobin says:

    And well it might go viral, even though it articulates clearly– in its most striking line–“everyone knows that tits, like spiders, are scary.”

  • Martin says:

    The moral show ‘What Would You Do?’s 2010 episode: Cafe Manager Berates Breastfeeding Mom

    Not sure why it bothers people to see a baby getting fed.

  • I have never understood the prudish attitudes with breast feeding, particularly here in the US. What could be more beautiful than a mother and child bonding over a perfectly natural behavior? My wife and I have received many frowns from others when our children were feeding in public, despite an appropriately placed blankie. So much for family values!

  • Anziano says:

    Mr. Shade, society sends us an overwhelming number of mixed signals on what is acceptable, what not. The phrase “perfectly natural behavior” is one of them. Humans are told that they are much superior to animals, but a human mother feeding a baby in public is exactly like any other female mammal – ever been in a zoo? To those other mammals, all behavior is perfectly natural behavior, including prancing about nude and going to the bathroom, so trying to isolate breastfeeding as something special and sacrosanct just doesn’t constitute an answer. Not everyone believes in that special aura in the glow of which mommies and kiddies are supposed to bask.

  • m2n2k says:

    The argument suggested by NTS above here does not really work. Someone might say that nothing can be more beautiful than two (or more) people “bonding over a perfectly natural behavior” such as having sex, but does it mean that they should be allowed to do it in public places? Most societies say no. Having said that, I am personally definitely in favor of having no such restrictions against breastfeeding.

  • Love it. People need to calm down about breastfeeding in public. It’s natural, just like childbirth. Sadly, people can’t handle breastfeeding photos on FB or even childbirth that shows nothing below (ie. water births). People just need to take a chill pill.

  • Robyn says:

    I am tired of the “perfectly natural” tag. As others have said, lots of things are and you don’t necessarily want to to do them in public.

    The song is perfect in its decription of why breastfeeding embarrasses people and in telling them to get over it. A boob is a baby food container. Everyone who thinks otherwise when a baby is being fed should be wondering why they are thinking of sex and then transferring that thought to the mother and baby.

  • Patti says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with woman breast feeding in public,when my daughter was about 3 or 4 she asked me what breasts were for ,I said to her ,remember you saw a mom feeding her baby and you asked what she was doing ? I told you she was feeding her baby then she asked how !? I told her ,that’s how god made it possible for moms to take care of and feed her babies because when there was the first moms and dads baby bottles weren’t invented yet so god made it possible for moms to feed her children ! From then on my 3 year old thought it was wonderful to bad adults can’t think like kids sometimes !

  • babylon dementia says:

    la la la tatit!

    ok now im not going to get this out of my head for days, so i will just pass it around!

    mother of 3 boys,

  • Jan Dymond says:

    That was amazing and funny and spot ON!! Well done indeed!!! And you can bet your bippy it’s geting fb’d by me…

  • Sarah Booth says:

    The United States spends about $3.6 billion every year to treat ear infections and digestive problems in infants.

    Three point six billion dollars. Billion. With a “B”.

    Do you know what prevents ear infections and digestive problems in infants?


    Total cost of breastfeeding?


    It’s really too bad people are such whiny little bitches about seeing babies eat, because stigma is expensive.