Atlanta Symphony loses bass player to cancer, aged 54

Douglas Sommer, an Atlanta player for 25 years, has died. Tribute here. Our sympathies to his family, colleagues and community.

Douglas Sommer

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  • Doug was truly a great guy. When I saw him he was always upbeat, positive and wanting to be present with you. He emanated joy. I was always touched by his presence. I grieve with his family and can only imagine how much they will miss him.

    I will miss him too

    So to Doug…..

    And to Ralph….

    Play on

  • We played together in Charleston and Spoleto in the early 1980s. He played beautifully and was a pleasure to know. I’m sorry to hear of his passing and send best wishes to his family and friends. Erik D.

  • After playing with Doug at the Spoleto Festival thirty+ years ago, I had several great conversations with him at the 2013 ISB convention and Doug was just as friendly and fun as I remembered him, as if it were yesterday. Let’s all not wait to reconnect with our good friends from the past!

    Goodbye to a fine and brave man.

    My condolences to Doug’s family and friends.

    —Ed Castilano

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