Anna Netrebko talks about sex outside marriage

The diva has been talking to an interviewer about her former relationship with baritone Erwin Schrott, whom she insists she never married. You probably don’t need to know more. If you desperately do, it’s here, in short snippets, in German.

anna netrebko

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  • The interviewer is Russian, Andrei Malakhov, it’s from an interview on Russian TV, and she’s practicing what she does best, which is not singing, but mudslinging her exes instead. She did the same to Simone Alberghini when they split, only it didn’t make the news back then because she wasn’t German language yellow press favourite yet, but she kept vilifying him among colleagues for months, the poor chap had a hard time, and now history is repeating itself with Schrott.

    • Simone , he should thank her today . He’s very happy now married to Russian mezzo soprano Anna Goryachova 37. Netrebko also did similar thing to Schrott, she ended his career in Met. A month after the split he only sang there in Elisir few performances to finish his contract , never again. She also didn’t allow him to see the kid, her lawyer messed with his visa . But he’s happy now , very much in love with a beautiful younger woman. But Anna she sings beautifully imo and that’s all I care about.

  • Interesting.

    She’s ok with laws that criminalize LGBT “propaganda”, but isn’t bothered about the type of “values” shacking up with some guy and having his kid shows?


    artists and their insufferably egotistical personalities will never cease to amaze me.

  • It doesn’t say anything there about her attitude towards LGBT or “propaganda”, only that she had really great sex with Erwin Schrott. Which I really didn’t need to know – but I can’t say Norman didn’t warn the readers. And that she goes to bed at half past 9, to read. Which I didn’t need to know either.

    So what’s the problem when two people live together but they decide not to get married?

    • That’s probably the only good thing she did, not marrying Schrott.

      As for going to bed at 9, to read… I have trouble believing either statements, Anna Netrebko still is a party animal, and absolutely not interested in reading, not even stories to her son, whom is taken care of by a nanny and sometimes by her sister, and that’s when Schrott is not in town, because when he is the kid spends most of the time with his father, away from his mother epilepsy-inducing tackily decorated apartment. If Schrott and all her other colleagues had any guts and weren’t completely under the boot of her PR people they would speak out too, there is not a single word of truth in what she says in interviews, ever.

      As for her attitude towards the LGBT community, same colleagues as above should speak out about this too, because everybody knows how much she actually loathes gay people and beyond.

  • Wow, this woman (I wont call her a lady) is a woeful human being.
    Tiago lives solely with Netrebko and Schrott is not in his sons life.
    This Reneefleminglips is quite obviously jealous of Anna’s popularity.
    Perhaps she is a closet opera singer who cannot get work ?

  • She seems to wear the angst of most comments. My interest is not her private life,although I would like to see a better relationship with her son. The main thing is , what a singer. I just love this girls contribution to musc.

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