A 3rd-gen Tortelier gets into the biz

The UK agency Hazard Chase has signed young conductor Maxime Tortelier to its roster.

Maxime is the son of the former BBC conductor Yan-Pascal, whose father was the splendid French cellist, Paul Tortelier.

A student of Colin Metters at the Royal Academy, Maxime is currently the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s Leverhulme Young Conductor in Association. Here’s what got him the contract.

maxime tortelier

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  • The Mozart performance on the clip is marvelous and clear in its conception, though at the risk of being ‘politically incorrect’, to these failing eyes the stick technique from a distance looks much more like Eshenbach’s than Reiner’s.

    Glad you also mentioned Paul Tortelier. He and Antonio Janigro are two that also should have been included with Starker and Casals (and Shapiro) as great teachers when you posted the wonderful comments on Starker some months ago.

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