‘We were in awe of Eva… her natural beauty, inside and out’

‘We were in awe of Eva… her natural beauty, inside and out’


norman lebrecht

January 06, 2014

As the shock sets in, tributes are starting to flow for Eva Ganizate, the young French soprano who was killed on her bicycle the day after her 28th birthday. Natalya Anna Romaniw, a fellow-student at the Guildhall, offers us these spontaneous, moving impressions of Eva:


eva ganizate2

Eva would be surprised to find me writing this but I’m also confident that she would laugh and encourage me to write as much as I can.

My memories of Eva are of elegance, style and sweetness. She introduced me to my first taste of Parma ham and laughed hideously when I spat it out. We once had a brief conversation in the lift- where I, as a young, cocky 18 year old undergrad dictated to her what bel canto was “Yes Natalya, bel canto is so good for the voice! What bel canto are you currently singing?”

“Well, bel canto just means beautiful singing…so at the moment it’s Strauss!”

She laughed and tried to sway my opinion but was sweet enough to let me have that one.

Although only a year older than me (27) Eva consistently managed to surprise me with her passion, knowledge and love for music and this was so prominent in her voice. Her tone sweet and somewhat vulnerable, a voice that we all remember for being able to float all the way up to the sweetest, softest pianissimos.

Many of my GSMD (Guildhall) colleagues will remember her for her portrayal of Nina in Massenet’s Cherubin, I don’t think anyone could have been more perfect for that role, a young, sweet girl, patiently waiting to be loved by the young page.

Although Eva’s talents have been short lived, they are strongly remembered by all who knew her and will live on and inspire all of us to be as passionate as she was. My fondest memory is when the fire alarm went off at sundial court at 3am or some stupid hour (one of many times!) and she swanned out of her flat wearing her beautiful long, flowing white dressing gown, paired with cheeky red patent shoes.

That was Eva. Many were in awe of such natural beauty, inside and out. Pale white skin with rosy cheeks and long, thick, curly black hair that framed a face so kind and gentle. Her lively spirit and profound beauty still live strong today. Chantes avec les anges, chérie. Resteras dans nos coeurs. Bisous x

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  • Veronika Ilinskaya says:

    I would come to her little flat in Paris for breakfast. She would open the windows, sing above the city, laugh, cook, talk about work and little things, always infectiously happy and thirsty for living, so loving and passionate. A true friend with golden heart. Everyone is lost for words.

  • Judy Deacon says:

    loved by all who were lucky to have known her. We too knew that apartment, all they way up those flights of stairs with all that luggage. Made Paris so special. Too sad.