Watch Poulenc play, chez lui

Watch Poulenc play, chez lui


norman lebrecht

January 11, 2014

There is a September fly crawling across his score and a housekeeper shouting in the background. Salvador Dali could have made this film.

poulenc hands


  • Tom Emlyn Williams says:

    Not one fly but at least two!

  • Nigel Simeone says:

    What a wonderful clip! The comments in the original youtube upload say this is Poulenc playing “Figure humaine”, but in fact it’s music from the ballet “Les Animaux modèles”.

  • Steve Foster says:

    It was well known that Dali didn’t care for music much.

  • Beautiful piece & beautifully played. This was a great musician and wonderful composer with an utterly sensitive taste.

  • Cigarette ashtray at the end of the keyboard. Classy!

    • Russell Platt says:

      Gitanes, or Gauloises? Or maybe Dunhills, smuggled through the diplomatic pouch. (Elliott Carter told a tale of how Ravel, for his U.S. tour, packed an entire suitcase full of Gauloises.)

  • Doug says:

    Salvador Dali could have made this film.

    I believe ‘long before the days of Big Music Biz Marketing Machine’ is more appropriate.

  • Out of tune pianos are so colorful!