Video: Last night in Bologna, the silence was immaculate

Tuesday night, Roberto Abbado, nephew of Claudio Abbado, conducted a performance of Parsifal in Bologna. Before the opera began, the entire audience and the orchestra stood still for a minute’s total silence.

abbado silence

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  • A fitting tribute. I hope various orchestras and companies will find some way to honor a great conductor & human being.

  • A very moving few minutes on the video. Thank you.

    Seating: the Wikipedia article says 1,034 – and generally, those of who write on opera on WP, get it right!

  • Impressive pictures and very Italian. Somehow I can’t imagine a US president turning up at a conductor’s funeral…

  • When my country, Mexico, was on its way to be a decent nation, our President was present on opening nights of the opera season. Now,they are probably unaware of such event. Culture and politics in LatinAmerica suck!

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