Video: How to play Paganini with your face

You don’t want to watch this. Trust me, you really don’t.

If you absolutely must, click here.

paganini face

Don’t say you won’t warned.

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  • The only thing more alarming than the video was the text that accompanied it: “The man in this video has found a way to play a song [sic] from one of Paganini’s concerts [sic].” I’m feeling slightly nauseous. 🙂

  • He has an extraordinary talent. His interpretation is so similar to my own as to be uncanny. I am shocked that people misperceive hist intent and ability.

    Music is an expression using symbols. His facial expressions are another version of manifesting those same symbols. He does it marvellously well.

    I do not find the video alarming or nauseating. I do not need a warning against it. It needs to be recognised as an artistic endeavour carried out with mastery, beauty and aplomb. I recently met Ida Haendel who commented to me on the plethora of mediocrities having so called success in the media. She said:

    “Notoriety can be bought; talent is not for sale!”

    Please acknowledge this guy’s talent without envy or disparagement

  • His name is Nicola-Frank Vachon. He is an actor and photograph from Quebec. It seems to be an old video (4-5 years).

    You can read this in Wikipedia (french) :

    And he has a personal website :

    I am a musician and I really appreciate his talent and his sensibilty. He feels music better than a lot of professional musicians.

    Thank you Norman, and please don’t apologize, I’m sure you love it (a lot !).

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