Video: Audience protests in Naples as strike stops the opera

Video: Audience protests in Naples as strike stops the opera


norman lebrecht

January 24, 2014

A full house for Barber of Seville was left furious by the industrial action.



  • timwalton3 says:

    It could only happen in Italy. A complete basket case.

    Incompetent Politicians, Corrupt Unions run by the Mafia all run by the EU which is both incompetent & corrupt.

    • sdReader says:

      The EU runs the Mafia? So you will be one of those UKIP people then?

      • timwalton3 says:

        At least then we might get a vote!

        The UK have never had a vote on being run by Foreign Beurocrats. I have no problem with a Trade amalgamation, but those running the EU are unelected, Unaccountable & self oppinionated. They haven’t balance the books for 20 years. If a company did that in ANY Country they would have been locked up by now.

      • Anon says:

        Strikes me that’s not what timwalton3 wrote. He wrote that Unions (which he believes to be corrupt) are run by the Mafia. May well be true. He writes that Italy’s politicians are incompetent. And he says that the whole lot is run by the EU. This, broadly speaking, is reasonably true.

        He does NOT say that the EU runs the Mafia, which is a rather different thing altogether.

        • timwalton3 says:

          Thank you at least someone can read my ramblings correctly.

          I couldn’t say though that it was impossible that some of the Mafia have their claws in the EU Bureaucracy!

  • Dario Caroli says:

    I’m very happy for this strike! the sad situation of theaters in italy is due to our bad politicians, it seems to be a plan to destroy all them, from Trieste to Napoli. Can you see how dramatically ridiculous is our political situation? in every sector of italian life, policy (with all the defects and dangers of our bad policy) is heavily present. And for policy I mean Opus Dei, masonry, and so on. It’ sadder the reaction of most the public too, they don’t want to listen to musicians reasons, they seem to live in another country, and seem they consider musicians as slaves.

    And not all theaters are so brave to stop in that way a opera, congratulations Napoli!!

    • timwalton3 says:

      What about the Mafia. The whole country is a basket case.,

      If the Italians are stupid enough to vote for corrupt politicians like Berlusconi, then they get what they deserve. They use have more sense.

  • Anonymous says:

    Could someone give a rough translation of what happened here?

  • Stereo says:

    That’s unions for you. Idiots,sack the lot of them.

  • Edgar Brenn says:

    There have been numerous actions, the speeches by Daniel Barenboim in Milan and Riccardo Muti in Rome most prominently among them, to protest against utter incompetence and corruption ( latter pursued with utmost competence) threatening to wipe out Italy’s cultural and musical heritage. The current revelations of financial shenanigans at Rome Opera, as well as the industrial action reported from Naples on this blog, indicate that things are in extremis in Italy. One would hope that the audience’s anger in Naples will translate into a forceful opposition against political corruption and cronyism, by means of the ballot box at every election on every level. It is fair to say that such hope is far fetched. The cautious approach between Mr. Berlusconi and Florence’s young mayor Matteo Renzi makes one wonder what happens next… We will continue to receive grim news from Italy, not only from the opera houses there.

    • sdReader says:

      There are no “financial shenanigans at Rome Opera.” There is a funding problem. You imply corruption, which is not the case at this company.