Airline makes amends for smashing acoustic guitar

Some positive news, at last, of improved sensitivity at a North American airline. This just in from Canadian artist Ed Henderson:

ed henderson

Several of my FB friends might remember the issue I had last year with WestJet – the hand made Sonic Farm digital input for my acoustic guitar was smashed inside a suitcase (the suitcase was a write off) – I am happy to tell you that WestJet have been amazing: they paid for the DI repair and gave me decent compensation for the wrecked suitcase.

I now am traveling with a large Pelican case (which is guaranteed for life), all my gear and clothing is safe inside and what’s best is that the lady at WestJet, when I thanked her for being so reasonable with me stated: “We at WestJet are very happy to have so many musicians using our airline and we want you to be happy too”. That is great – thank you WestJet!

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  • “Some positive news, at last, of improved sensitivity at a US airline. This just in from Canadian artist Ed Henderson”

    You do realize that WestJet is a CANADIAN airline.

    If you didn’t know already, Canada and the USA are two different countries. Just checking to make sure you knew that. Yup.

    Come on, Lebrecht. It’s called “research”. I’ll say that word again…”research”. Let that sink in. OH — and “proofreading”, too…another good term for you to learn.

  • This is a fine resolution, but WestJet can hardly be said to be friendly to musicians — they don’t allow cellos aboard at all, in a bulkhead seat or anyplace else, a policy which came to light last year when Paul Katz, former cellist of the Cleveland Quartet, was compelled to check his fine, old Italian cello (for which he had purchased a seat).

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