Transfer rumours in Spain: Barenboim to Barcelona?

Transfer rumours in Spain: Barenboim to Barcelona?


norman lebrecht

January 17, 2014

His name appears on a long-list of 46 candidates to succeed Joan Matabosch as artistic director of the near-bankrupt Liceo.

Barenboim, rather wearily, tells El Pais: ‘At my age, the temptations are viewed with less enthusiasm than before. I am the director of the Berlin Opera and this is my last post. I will never take another. La Scala was a great exception. With the Berlin Opera, with the Academy I want to open and with the time I spend at the piano that’s more than enough. But would love to return to the Real (in Madrid), of course, with some of the ensembles that I lead.’

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  • David H. says:

    Right answer by Maestro Barenboim to an institution that instead of solving problems at the core wants to buy a big name with money to iron over the existing problems. Unfortunately this tactic is a common “remedy” these days. Suppressing the symptoms instead of curing the disease.

  • Best transfer since they bought Ronaldinho and Eto’o! 🙂

  • Simon says:

    Err, the article on the 46 supposed candidates for the Liceu in Barcelona doesn’t mention Barenboim.

    An Barenboim in the interview doesn’t talk about the Liceu either. The interviewer says Matabosch (the new head of the Teatro Real in Madrid, formerly head of the Liceu) wants to hire a musical director for the Real (under Mortier the post didn’t exist, as Slipped disc readers know) and asks Barenboim whteher he would be tempted. He politely refuses with the words quoted above.

  • Nigel Curtis says:

    And anyway, if they’re so broke how would they pay the £££m which Danny Boy would surely want ?

    PS: anybody have any news on Boulez and his health ?

  • sagrario lopez says:

    Mr Curtis mean when somebody is broke should stop following opera. What a piti

  • Novagerio says:

    Mr.Lopez: What mr.Curtis means is that your tax money will eventually finance what propably is the worlds most expensive musician.