This magnificent mezzo is 80 today

This magnificent mezzo is 80 today


norman lebrecht

January 10, 2014

marilyn horne

Friends call her Jackie. She taught America to love Rossini. Then she raised two generations of American singers. Love and respect.


  • Her recording of Ravel’s Shéhérazade with Bernstein remains, for me, untouchable.

  • Sanda Schuldmann says:

    We were at the packed Carnegie Hall celebration for her 60th! An absolutely unforgettable afternoon.

  • PK Miller says:

    Not just a great singer and artist, but a terrific human being, as well. Jackie has a wonderful sense of humor, never puts on airs, has always been very kind and supportive of young singers! Happy Birthday, Jackie and many, many more! Prosit!!!

  • Leonard Slatkin says:

    Today she is the leading teacher and inspiration for many of our most gifted young talents. It is impossible not to love her.

  • Marshall says:

    I was at her Met debut, which was Sutherland’s first Norma there. Mira o Norma for the ages, and an exciting old fashioned night at the opera.

  • Carol Blades says:

    I once checked myself out of the hospital against a doctor’s advice to get to a Marilyn Horne master class here in Miami! I’ve been a robust picture of health ever since! 🙂

  • Gerrit Jan Fonk says:

    Congratulations Miss Horne. Back in 1989 I spent my savings to go see and hear you in L’Italiana at Covent Garden. ( I live in the Netherlands) The memories of that evening make me feel happy to this day. Last year I had the programme leaf you gratuitously signed for me, beautifully framed, it sits there. On the wall, to remind me that there is beauty , happiness and joy in this world. Thank you for that.

    Gerrit Jan

  • Larry Schwartz says:

    Marilyn Horne memory: late 80’s, recital at UCLA. Huge program. Lots of applause. Encore. Lots of applause but, really, thank you; you’ve given us an amazing evening. Encore. Lots of applause; in no way are we worthy. I think the lights came up. People started putting on their coats. She comes back on. “Habanera.” I think that I floated out of Royce Hall that night. Thank you, maestra.