Stanford orders geeks to study Mozart symphonies

Fascinating piece in the Economist on attempts by the hi-tech campus to produce more rounded graduates. Wonder if any of the budding Brins will discover hidden 12-note rows. Read here.


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  • Stanford is a big university in every sense of the word. I’ve worked with the music department and they are far from second-rate amateurs. Calling the student body “geeks” is like calling classical musicians high-brows and long-haired snobs. As a stellar prodigy, one can imagine that Mozart got more than his share of ridicule. In fact, the number of musicians, (writers, painters) that I know of who had to reserve their cherished crafts on weekends to nurse computing machines during the week, is legion.

  • The article leaves the impression that one mandatory course (if I understand correctly) is expected to have an effect on the anaemic arts scene of Northern California. I suppose if it just raised the level of cocktail chatter that would be a positive outcome.

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