Renée pitches up for Super Bowl

renee fleming ball

photo (c) Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

She told an eve-of press conference: ‘I’ve probably sung through it (The Star-Spangled Banner) in my mind and vocally 800 times in the last three weeks.’ Editorial comment here.

She has also just made it into the ranks of America’s richest celebrities.

renee fleming ball

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    • This is why the printed news media is declining, soon to be followed by the TV and radio news media, and why it’s being replaced by the Internet.

  • And of the millions watching, 2 or 3, maybe 10 if the singer is lucky, will get curious and buy one of her albums. They will listen once and move on. And if the album is on CD format they may use it as frisbee or coaster or hand it over to their kids to play with.

  • A $12 million net worth isn’t bad for a classical musician, but still pretty modest wealth for a “celebrity.” But I find “Celebrity Net Worth” to make pretty questionable estimates about a lot of celebrities. Andre Rieu, btw, is listed at $40 million.

    • @MacroV Yes. I have read real estate notices suggesting that multi-story penthouse apartments overlooking Central Park sell for over 15 million dollars. Horrendous but true, it seems. In this case, the net worth would indeed be questionable.

  • Speaking of celebrities, what about the ‘hapless’ Alex Rodriguez, who with smart investment advice should have been a billionaire by now, even if he is forced to forfeit more than Renee has in the bank. It’s all relative, though $12m ain’t bad.

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