Music director turns to stand-up comedy. Sit-down, actually.

Music director turns to stand-up comedy. Sit-down, actually.


norman lebrecht

January 24, 2014

Peter Oundjian, music director of the Toronto Symphony, is a cousin of Monty Python star Eric Idle. Faced with a season launch, he tapped deep into family DNA in a set-up with two comedians. So how many stars do we give him? As of this moment, the video has managed fewer than 400 views.

Come on, guys, this is the town where Rob Ford is mayor. What could be funnier than that?

peter oundjian


  • joe salerno says:

    Many things could be funnier than this. I hope neither one has quit their day jobs.

  • Bardin Levavy says:

    He would have been better off if he had cadged a favor from his cousin – with whom he has worked before. It isn’t hard to see why this hasn’t had many hits.

  • Olaugh Tershav says:

    So painful to watch…

  • Stephen says:

    It’s flat. It doesn’t feel like it’s about the TSO. We don’t know who anyone is and most of the 3 minutes is spent on the “pitch” which is what the skit is. Sad, because so much more could have happened.

  • DPP says:

    While it’s not an award-winning TV show clip, I thought it was mildly amusing to watch. I mean Oundjian is not an actor and he isn’t doing a bad job. I liked it.