Broken quartet cellist quickly finds new seat

On Friday, Yovan Markovitch played in the closing concert in Paris of the celebrated Ysaye Quartet, which broke up after 30 years.

Today, we hear, he has rejoined the Danel Quartet in Brussels.

Things happen fast in the football transfer window.



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  • Not that fast in reality! I heard him playing with the Danel quartet in Manchester months ago when he was on an extended try-out with them.

    Also I’m not sure where one can say a quartet is based these days, but they are the resident quartet at Manchester University, if “in residence” means anything!!

    I’m on a course being taught by them (in Manchester…) next week, we (my quartet) have done the same course the past two years and they are really a lovely group of people and very good teachers. And outstanding players too. It will be interesting to see what Yovan is like, his predecessor was great fun (I remember a particular joke at the expense of Renault factories, he told us not to play like Renault workers… which took a bit of explanation)

  • Norman, he’s the cellist, not the leader. Sutre was the Ysaÿe leader. Sadly the Danel Quartet has been in need of a new cellist for some months.

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