La Scala, 6pm: Thousands stand in silence, remembering Claudio Abbado

abbado concert

The Mayor of Milan has promised to plant 90,000 trees in the Maestro’s memory. His friend, the architect Renzo Piano, will plan the groves.

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  • This is very moving. The trees were promised if Mo had appeared at Scala. Milan can sure use some trees. I hope they will put some in the triangle of neglected space whose sign reads “Maria Callas vicolo” near Teatro dal Verme across the street from the Castello in central Milan.


  • Sad the city has waited to resume this tree planting until Maestro Abbado has left us. It was his dream to see the city of his birth adorned with trees. When he requested the planting, he intended to again appear at La Scala; albeit, as I understand the matter, his illness returned, thus preventing his doing so. Eventually, I’ve read, the City decided the project was too costly. I sincerely hope the citizens who turned out in the photo to pay their respects will financially support this worthy cause, now, in Claudio’s memory. May he rest in peace, as we pray for the repose of his beautiful soul. ~ Cate

    • Responding to Vittorio Parisi

      I am moved by your being there, Vittorio — proud of you, too, for paying your respects, together with the rest of your class. By the way: great name, yours … I’ll be following your conducting career and I’ll not forget. You have mighty BIG shoes to fill, being another conductor from Milano; I wish you well.

  • Abbado was truly great, and especially good in the last decade. To all those great musicians who seem to have smoking habits – I’m thinking of Mauricio Pollini and Christian Thielemann – I hope they realize what it means. We’ve already lost men such as Thomas Schippers and Leonard Bernstein to lung cancer. I hope that more can be done for cancers of the kind Abbado and Erich Kunzel had – in both cases it just seems helpless. Then there are the conductors that smoke cigars/pipes – I don’t know who died of smoking-related illnesses, but some of them have. I don’t want to dictate to these artists how they should live their life – I just wished they considered what it means for those who love and enjoy their music making.

    • In reply to Jon H

      I 100% agree and I admire that wise, kind, and lovingly tender heart of yours! Bless you, Jon.

  • Don’t worry my friends, not even a tree will be planted…. But the mayor annouced the Municipal School of Music will be dedicated to Claudio Abbado.

  • I never met the extraordinary Claudio, but always felt 100% drawn to him. Something amazing happened after his brush with death, (mine was in 1996), that showed up in his conducting: a spiritual element and force that was contagious. Al his videos and CDs don’t stop the ache in my heart, and in all of those who loved him. What a soul he was…and thank you Dear Norman Lebrecht for your sensitivity, as having read “The Maestro Myth”, for example, I know you’re objective.

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