Just in: Maazel is grounded after an airport accident

Just in: Maazel is grounded after an airport accident


norman lebrecht

January 21, 2014

Lorin has posted what he was about to say at the Davos Economic Forum, had he not been diverted to ER by a bash on the head, and then ordered to stay put for a while.


Read his full script here.


  • Anonymous says:

    Whilst Maazel’s commitment to culture and education is laudable, I think his praise of the World Economic Forum is misplaced; the institution promotes the unsustainable economic models that require relentlessly increasing consumption (to levels that are unsustainable) to relentlessly ‘grow’ the economy in order to obtain credit to borrow more money to pay off the interest of the relentlessly increasing loans that, to my eyes, resemble nothing more than a global Ponzi scheme. His last clause, “the world will be forever in debt to the World Economic Forum”, is uncannily accurate, in the literal sense.

    Maazel is, nonetheless, an excellent conductor, whom I have been fortunate enough to hear live, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

    • sagemusings says:


      Bravo. However, he just may have tucked into this speech a precise criticism

      in his explanation of those who were determining policies that perpetuate debt

      and arrests their power. Don’t forget, several pop stars attend like Bono, and he

      pointedly, says the culture is being diminished with Rock instead of Beethoven,

      that children are being desensitized not encouraged to strengthen and develop their sensibilities. The examples of the actresses in how they have led their lives are examples

      of debasements, yet, they can buy their way in and become UN ambassadors, because

      these ‘men of the world’ are so flattered by their attention, such as Richard Haas, head of

      the Council on Foreign Relations. If you want to know how the world has reached this point,

      get the list of Davos invitees.

      All that not withstanding, Maazel is a fine conductor but appears somewhat silly in referring

      to a selfie. His idol worship of Jack Nicholson , also, proves my point as stated in the above paragraph.

  • richardcarlisle says:

    Maazel’s spirit reflects in his conducting as well as his personal life struggles… an example to revere and emulate.

    Anonymous– good point how the world “management” is too stupid to realize the goal should be stability rather than growth.