It’s not just about orchestral shoes. There’s socks to be considered, too

maxine kwok adams

Behold the working boots of LSO violinist Maxine Kwok-Adams, who – in the absence of much competition – is hereby declared the best shod orchestral player in London. Beat that, you Berliners.

Maxine is, of course, not the only musician who pays attention to life below the ankles. Holly Mulcahy, concertmaster at Chattanooga, has been casting meaningful glances at how her male colleagues fill their boots. Read her admonitory words here.

Oh, and this is Maxine having a few bars rest:

maxine kwok adams2


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  • I have no photos (& it would have to be several) to prove this, but my nominee for best shod is Lauren Chipman, principal violist of the New West Symphony. This is not a close race!

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