House extension is inspired by Satie

House extension is inspired by Satie


norman lebrecht

January 02, 2014

stoke newington

This unusual planned construction in London N16 has been designed by an electronic musician with a firm of local architects. It is modelled on an inter-connecting loop suggested by the infinitely repetitive piano piece Véxations by the infuriating French composer Erik Satie.

The district, Stoke Newington, is where I was born. Many musicians have since moved in. I’m delighted to see N16 getting an imaginative makeover.

The musician is called Scanner and the architects Chance de Silva. More details here.


  • richardcarlisle says:

    Only nine hours?

    By the way Amira Willighagen won the Holland contest with Ave Maria for a semi and Nessun Dorma a clincher… not bad for age nine… no hint of chin waggle.

  • I hope this house will bring a happier life than that lived by Erik Satie