Gergiev donates concert proceeds to Volgograd victims

Gergiev donates concert proceeds to Volgograd victims


norman lebrecht

January 01, 2014

The Mariinsky has announced that all takings from its December 30 concert will go to victims of the bomb blasts in Volgograd.



  • V.Lind says:

    But shouldn’t that concert have been picketed and protested by the Russian LGBT community?

    • m2n2 says:

      Only if all of them wanted to be imprisoned for “propaganda of non-traditional sexual practices” because their protest would have been visible to minors.

  • Elizabeth owen says:

    Oh for goodness sake can’t that poor man do anything right? HAPPY new year.

  • V.Lind says:

    Of course he has done something right. My point is that as far as I am concerned he has done nothing wrong.

  • harold braun says:

    Could we please concentrate again on musical values and matters,and stop this sensation seeking,moronic blather about the private issues of some people who want Mr.Gergiev to express their opinions publicly!He has made clear he is against any discrimination whatever it may be,and wouldn’t tolerate such a thing in his opera house.Let him just do what he can best now,making music!

    • m2n2k says:

      Most of us probably can, but some prefer not to. The only truly “moronic” behavior here is resorting to insults and name-calling instead of engaging in a civilized discussion with those with whom one disagrees. As for VG, there are several different opinions about what he really does best.

  • V.Lind says:

    What he (harold braun) said, and all I’m saying.

    • m2n2k says:

      If I understand this statement correctly, it means that you, just like h.b., also consider any opinion that is different for yours to be “moronic”. That is truly unfortunate because such stance is not conducive to intelligent discussion.