First pictures as Italy mourns Claudio Abbado

abbado mourning

Thousands queue to pay respects at the Church of Santo Stefano, Bologna.


abbado flowers

Flowers laid on Abbado’s seat in the Italian Senate, a seat he did not live long enough to occupy.


abbado musicians tribute

Working musicians are among the first to be allowed in.

abbado coffin

More commemorations here and here.

Requiescat in pace.



More pictures at Corriere di Bologna here.

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  • In case anyone is interested, and to the best of my knowledge, Abbado’s home was the building in the center of the top picture, on its second and third (or in Italy its first and second) floors, above the paler colonnade with five arches, all narrowed due to the angle of the shot. In other words, he lived on the Piazza Santo Stefano, across from the basilica where the camera ardente (last viewing of the body) took place yesterday. I understand that he was or will be cremated and that the ashes will be placed or scattered on the premises of his “gardening” home near Alghero.

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