Europe’s capitals of culture are Riga and Ikea

Riga. You’ve heard of it. Capital of Latvia. Home to some good classical musicians. Big on stag parties.

The other is Umea.

You read that right.

Not Ikea. Umea. It’s somewhere in northern Sweden. Famous for… not much. It is home to the heavy metal band, Meshuggah.


Maybe they should have picked Ikea.

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  • Dear Norman,have no idea about parties,but Riga is a gorgeous city with a good musical tradition,a surprising number of a world top class artists for a barely 2 million nation,and Latvian choirs are a jewel.I really wish you come and visit once! And a great New Year for you and all the music lovers!

  • UNEA has the most famous jazz festival in that part of the world!! I was there and so were a whole lot of famous jazz musicians, American and other!! it’s true, not much of a town!!! ūüėČ

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