Eat your heart out, Lloyd Webber – this Hugo Chavez musical will be bigger than Evita

A musical is being written on the life of the late Venezuelan dictator, sponsor of el sistema (pictured).

chavez dudamel

It’s being conceived in Bielorussia, one of the nastiest ex-Soviet tributaries. Its corrupt president Lukaschenko counted Chavez as a personal friend.

Premiere in Minsk this summer. Don’t miss it. It will be really big. In Minsk.


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  • Featuring plenty of anti-semitism, corruption, theft and violence. But WAIT !! Why watch a musical if you can LIVE it for real?? Just visit Venezuela and save yourself the pain of having to listen to yet another musical from Minsk!”

  • Bravo, Gabriela! Always sharp and accurate in your comments … In the wake of what just happened, with the murder of the beauty queen and her husband (which is not to say it does not happen every day over there ..), the announcement of this musical is yet another bad, cruel joke for Venezuelans and any decent peace loving person.

  • Dudamel, on the other hand, continues supporting chavism. He must be held morally responsible and start to be boycotted by musical organizations worldwide. Genocide is already happening in Venezuela and other countries taken by Foro de São Paulo under Lula da Silva and Fidel Castro. Only through opression and popular alienation a failed, corrupt and criminal government keeps its power. Anti-communist forces will sooner or later react in South America and these bandits will perish like the cockroaches they are. Hell wil break loose. Mark my words.

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