Creation is cancelled in Kiev over fresh riot alarms

Creation is cancelled in Kiev over fresh riot alarms


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January 24, 2014

Our correspondent David Conway reports from the frontline:

Although the city’s opera house and theatres are still functioning normally, rising tension in Kyiv means that the Philharmonia is now cut off within the barricaded ‘ war zone’ at the town’s centre. Everything is relatively calm in the city at present – although it is rumoured that shenanigans will break out again when Parliament reconvenes for an emergency session on Tuesday. Obviously the Press are expecting something – witness the line of TV vans in Evropeiska Sqare, where the central Khreshchatyk Street (where the Maidan is located) meets the more turbulent Hrushchevskyy Street where most violence has taken place. You can see the Philharmonia in the background to the right. All of Everopeiska Square is now enclosed within barricades erected by the protesters.

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So as a result, Haydn’s Creation (scheduled to be performed this evening) will have to wait for May 11th by which time the crisis will hopefully be (peacefully we trust) resolved one way or another…..



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  • Chrsty says:


    Mr. Conway’s response is perplexing given the radio report I heard this morning. I wonder if, like in many dictatorships, there is an information blockade in Ukraine.

    According to the report, 5 activists are dead, scores have been beaten, tortured or are missing, riot police were seen throwing demonstrators off a roof and parading naked “prisoners” through the snow while taking photos and laughing, and – most worrying – one third of the country’s administrative structures are occupied by a People’s Liberation Army. The West of the country is no longer under central control. It is my sincerest hope your friend is correct, but the videos and photos are heartbreaking.

    The US has announced sanctions, they said, but Europe is depending on Russia.

    Photos from the Washington Post:

  • Christy says:

    Received in my email. Playing piano during the mass protests in Ukraine. Would appreciate any assistance on what exactly is happening. The pianist is wearing a helmet.

  • Andriy says:

    Dear foreign journalists! Please make a pressure upon your governments and state authorities. Unfortunately we can see that interest in Europe to the events in Ukraine is decreasing. In case of sanctions against at least one of Ukrainian oligarchs or ministers our way to freedom and democracy will become irreversible. A lot of powerful persons in Ukraine just wait for external signal. Ask (or demand) your governments to provide sanctions!

    Please, we really need your help!

    Free Ukrainian citizen.