Can playing the violin make you slim?

At the time of year when everyone talks of shedding weight, the website comes up with the startling claim that one hour of playing the violin burns 175 calories. Cellos burn less, apparently. Check it out here.

fat violinist

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  • I didn’t read the article, but 175 calories per hour is not startling at all. That’s probably similar to being on your feet for an hour doing light household chores, for a person of average size.

    The recommended normal diet for an average man who is not doing physical labor for a living is something like 2100-2200 cal per day. That’s about 90 calories per hour for 24 hours of typical office-worker life, including sleep, and not including any strenuous exercise.

  • You probably burn more than that due to the fact that if you’re practicing, you’re not snacking!

    Wish I could remember that……..

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