Bizarre La Scala tribute to Abbado

Claudio Abbado ci ha lasciati. Ma alla Scala resterà per sempre.

It begins: Claudio Abbado has left us, but at La Scala he remains forever.

And it continues in the same smug vein, celebrating his service to the ‘eternity’ while ignoring the internal struggle that evicted him in 1986. Perhaps because several of the instigators are still playing. Read here.

abbado young

1956 photo shows Claudio Abbado in a piano rehearsal with Franco Fantini and Mario Gusella.

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  • that’s not what it says in the beginning “Ma alla Scala resterà per sempre” could be translated “at the Scala he will remain forever or “to the Scala he will live on forever”

  • I agree with Ursula regarding La Scala’s statement. The correct translation is:

    “Claudio Abbado has left us, but at Alla Scalla he will live forever. This is his theater, the place in which remains, concrete and tangible, the marks of a director without barriers, a musician without bias, a theater man ready to take chances, a man with his mind open to the world”…

  • lol…Google Translate isn’t infallible. But even if it was a dig at Abbado, I respect that passion for the art and organisation at La Scala. It’s so rare these days. Most are all talk, no action.

  • I think you all misunderstood Norman. What he meant was that it would have been bizarre if La Scala hadn’t posted a tribute to a man who, no matter for what unhappy reasons he left in 1986, still was one of the most influential artistic figures – many would even say *the* most influential – in the past half century of La Scala’s history.

    So why hold grudges forever? Abbado himself didn’t, and he finally returned in 2012. I think it would have been much sadder of he had passed away without having closed that circle.

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