BBC orch in trouble as council suspends payment

The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, based in Salford, near Manchester, was rescued in 2007 by a pledge from Salford Council to inject £20 million ($32m) over eight years. Salford was looking to uplift its identity above the mush of Greater Manchester and the orch, which competes with the Halle and Manchester Camerata for audiences, was keen to grab a lifeline outside the financially straitened BBC.

However, Salford Council has been hit by cuts and has told the orch it can’t pay much this year. Probably just £1m, according to MEN. How the BBC Phil will meet its bills is now on the agenda of numerous meetings.

bbc phil

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    • Exactly, it’s not called the Salford Philharmonic Orchestra. Is Auntie settling too many law suits to pay musicians?

  • “Rescued”, as you put it Norman, suggests that without the funding we were doomed which we weren’t. Just wanted to clear that up.

  • Well said Bob. The BBC Orchestras, and particularly this one, have faced these threats and dangers many times before. Keep standards high, and retain integrity, and it will win through again.

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