Who’s the highest paid arts manager in Austria?

No huge surprise here.

pereira last

Alexander Pereira collected 304,500 Euros ($416,343) in salary for being chief of the Salzburg Festival in 2012, down from 355,000 the year before.

The shock is that Pereira may be earning 50% more than Dominique Meyer, boss of the Vienna State Opera, whose year-round job yields vastly more performances than the Salzburg show. Meyer and his commercial director Thomas Plazter split 449 400 Euros in take home pay, the exact division remaining confidential. Pereira’s salary at his next job, in La Scala, has not been made public.

Helga Rabl-Stader, the Salzburg Festival presisdent, is paid 181,400 Euros

You can read the full salary list of Austria’s arts leaders here.


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  • totally overpaid is Pereira who on top has done a lousy job in Salzburg and behaved badly towards the President whose salary is also much to high for a Festival of five weeks!!! tu felix Austria

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