This is what Spanish airline did to my intrument

This is what Spanish airline did to my intrument


norman lebrecht

December 21, 2013

The rage is rising against Iberia subsidiary Vueling, which forces musicians to fly their instruments without cases. A Facebook protest page has been launched here. The horror is that if you book a flight on Iberia you may well end up on Vueling. Take care.

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  • leboyfriend says:

    It looks to me as though the bridge probably came off because the owner had not relaxed the tension on the strings. Really, pretty much all players of steel-strung acoustic guitars know to do this before consigning their guitar to an aircraft hold, so it’s not really forgivable.

  • A. Penner says:

    It’s an Ovation. Hardly a major loss.

  • Dunckel says:

    A guitar version of a slice of swiss cheese! Oh well it’s just a guitar. No crying over spilled milk. Many musicians are quite eccentric. They’ll go ballistic over someone smashing up some dumb old piano, organ or guitar and in the same token they have little empathy over someone being physically harmed. Go figure. I’ll tell you that using an old classical guitar as a baseball bat lends to many laughs:)

  • Maria João says:

    I don’t understand your comments! It doesn’t matter wether it is a good or bad instrument. Airlines are not supposed to damage passengers’ goods and that’s it. Unforgivable. I never fly Iberia or, for that matter, Vuelig. And I’m not a musician. Their service is just too bad…

  • Rick Dodd says:

    Do you consider someone else’s loss your sport?? Better not to post than to taunt another. May your ox be gored next!