The three worst places for a musician to spend Christmas

1 Syria

2 Minnesota

3 An airport

Be safe. Be warm. Be happy.


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  • Happy Christmas, Norman et al. The situation in Minnesota isn’t going to get any better unless management has a change of heart to make Saul cum Paul all a dream. Certainly not a nice Christmas for the members of the Minnesota Orchestra. BTW, my nephew’s wife said theyd be safer in O’Hare Airport than the streets of Chicago. Phalanxes, literal armies of police of all kinds inc. National Guard, throughout the airport the other day.

  • As a union-free musician living in Minnesota, I can tell you that Christmas here is actually a wonderful place this time of year.

    Happy Christmas everyone!

  • Rigth Amy, leave it to Mr. Foster to say something like that. Too bad there isn’t solidarity amongst musicians. At least among the amateur ones………..that is.

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