The ultimate 2013 list: the 10 most read stories on Slipped Disc (updated)

UPDATE: Due to a huge exclusive breaking on the last day of the year, we have been obliged to rework the rankings.

At number 10, Barbra Streisand sang for Shimon Peres (and the video got wiped out).

At 9, he moved us all to tears.

diego frazao torquato

In at 8, she died singing Verdi’s Requiem, RIP.

At 7, racism and sexism alleged in a Viennese orchestra.


At 6, the Berlin Phil tries to trip its concertmaster.

At 5, US airport security ‘snapped my cello bow’.

At number 4, two concertmasters are executed in North Korea.

And now the three biggest stories by some margin (drum roll):

At 3, JFK Customs seize and destroy instruments.

At number two, My Haydn got stopped by a cellphone.

And number one, with 142,771 unique hits: Nobel medicine winner says: I owe it all to my bassoon teacher.



Well, who’d have guessed?

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  • I can’t believe it wasn’t all the hoo aha about Netrebko and Gays in Russia given the gazillion comments it generated.

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