‘The Nick Cave of classical’? Come on…

Even by Sony standards the hype is far-fetched. A feature on Teodor Currentzis in a newspaper that abolished arts reviews, refers to the conductor as ‘provocative, young’ (he’s 41). We are also told that he is described (where? by whom? let’s assume the press release) as the “Nick Cave of classical”.

Erm, this is Nick Cave (pictured). Where is the other guy?


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  • And Anna Netrebko is the Posh Spice of Classical.

    And Evgeny Nikitin is the Adam Levine of Classical.

    And Natalie Dessay is the Celine Dion of Classical.

    And Roberto Alagna is the Michael Bolton of Classical.

  • The article, in its naïve and rather bogus enthusiasm for this project still cannot prevent a couple of teasers seeping through that might actually render this project quite interesting. I like the idea that a conductor of pre-catheter age wearing black is comparable to Nick Cave, though. With his red-lined tailcoat, Owain Arwel Hughes was, therefore, the Rick Wakeman of classical music and Bernard Haitink the Leonard Cohen of the podium? How am I doing? Can I work for The Independent, now?

  • Actually, I can see the resemblance, and having seen Currentzis in Moscow a few times, can say he’s pretty good (and ya gotta give him credit for working in Novosibirsk).

    The late, great Earl Wild once referred to Lang Lang as “the JLo of Classical Music.”

    • Currentzis works in Perm. Not as distant from Moscow as Novosibirsk (though it is far away), but considerably smaller than Novosibirsk.

  • Currentzis is to Nick Cave as surfing is to Kansas. Sorry to paraphrase an after dinner speech made in the 1970s by the great pop record man Joe Smith.

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